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Millet energy bars

Indian population today is facing two main problems over nutrition and malnutrition.  People today are bingeing on fat and carbohydrate rich foods most of which is processed leading to obesity and diabetes. At the same time are missing out on essential nutrients like proteins, fiber vitamins and minerals.

Calcium and iron are two most common micro nutrient deficiencies that most Indian suffers from.  In fact India is leading the world in context to iron deficiency anemia with 50% of its population being anemic.  The national family and healthy survey reflects that up to 53% women are anemic most of them being adolescent girls and pregnant women.

Low hemoglobin level and osteoporosis are commonly seen problem in people in India today. Poor dietary practices and faulty food choices are to be blamed. Earlier such deficiency issues were mostly prevalent amongst the rural population but it is shocking to know that majority of urban population are also struggling alike.

Traditional Diet vs. Modern Diet

If you see our grandparents ate healthier food than what we eat today. Their diets contained a proper balance of all food groups. They used plenty of spices and herbs in their cooking. Indian spices and herbs are quite renowned for their health benefits.

With modernization and globalization several of our staple foods were replaced by fancy junk and unhealthy fast food.  To top it up, time being such a luxury,  people found it convenient to opt for easier and quicker ready-to- eat foods, packaged snacks and processed foods.

The downfall

The problem with these processed foods and snacks are that they are chock full of chemicals and additives, high in sugar and unhealthy fats like Trans-fat.  They are loaded with calories but missing on essential nutrients.

As the food we ate changed, the disease that plagues us changed too. Diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, PCOS, thyroid related disorders and cancers are some of the evils of our unhealthy lifestyle.

It is quite scary to know that people as young as 25 years are suffering from Type 2 diabetes and hypertension. Incidences of childhood obesity and PCOS in adolescent girls are increasing at an alarming rate.  Protein deficiency, low hemoglobin levels and poor calcium levels are some known problems that every third person is suffering from.

Changes in the trend

Of late people have begun to realise their folly and majority of them are taking stringent actions towards improving their health.

Several companies and brands have ventured into producing snacks that are healthier and nutritious.  True, some are all hype and claims misleading consumer but there are some genuine brands that provide snacks that are healthier and just what you need it today’s fast paced lives.

One such brand is EAT Anytime who are connoisseur of healthy energy bars, trail mixes and proteins cookies. They are ardent promoter of practicing mindful snacking.  Their motto ‘Bunk the junk’ is what we really need in our current scenario.

The Game Changer

EAT Anytime is known for their innovation.  Their energy bars, trail mixes and proteins cookies have already set a benchmark for health, taste and nutrition.

And yet gain they have set out to change the game. Identifying that calcium and iron are so fiercely missing from modern Indian diets they have come up with an effective and easy solution. Their new EAT Anytime Millet bars are best and delicious way to add back the calcium and iron to your diet.

Millets: The Ancient Grains

Millets are not new to India. They were a staple food in many parts of India but with the advent of high yielding varieties of rice and wheat, the millets got side-tracked. Thus its economical cultivation and nutritional benefits were overlooked.

Millets are coarse grains like our Jowar, Bajra, Ragi, Sama, Korra and many more. Today many people are adding Quinoa to their diets, without a doubt Quinoa is quite super on nutrition, but it is not indigenous to India like our millets.  Millets just like Quinoa are super packed with protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Let’s take a look at what health benefits these ‘ancient grains’ have to offer.

  1. The fiber benefit: millets contain a good mix of soluble as well as insoluble fiber. The soluble fiber helps decrease LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol), helps lower blood pressure and protects the heart. The insoluble fiber on the other hand aids digestion, prevents formation of gall stones and protects against cancers of the colon.
  1. The antioxidant boost– millets are packed with antioxidants like selenium, pantothenic acid and quercetin. These antioxidants protects against free radical damage and boost liver and kidney health. Both liver and kidney are important organ systems involved in detoxification.
  1. The gluten advantage: millets unlike wheat do not contain any gluten. They are naturally gluten free. So if you are on a diet for celiac disease or just trying to heed a gluten free lifestyle, millets are safe and sure grain to bet on.
  1. The iron grip : millets are rich in iron as well as folic acid. A low haemoglobin level is a marker for iron deficiency anaemia. Half of Indian population is struggling with low haemoglobin levels. Millets are our solution to this problem. Millets should necessarily be part of the diet of young children, pregnant ladies and adolescent girls.
  1. The bone minerals – millets are also packed with bone minerals like calcium and phosphorus, copper and many more. These minerals are necessary to maintain bone mineral density keeping our bones strong.
  1. The sugar control – millets are beneficial against diabetes. They are low glycemic index, high in fiber and contain minerals like magnesium which help in improving insulin sensitivity and prevent Type 2 diabetes.

EAT Anytime Millet bars

Millet Energy BarsEAT Anytime Millet bars are one of its kinds. EAT Anytime is the only brand that has revolutionised the energy bar market with this amazing innovation.

Millets are not as popular as they were considered as ‘poor man’s food’ and also its taste was not so well accepted. Therefore EAT Anytime has infused these healthy millets in our good old energy bar. Crunchy and tasty these new Millet bars from EAT Anytime are sure to thrill you with its taste and nutrition.

EAT Anytime Millet bars comes in 4 varieties:

  1. The Ragi bar
  2. The Bajra bar
  3. The Quinoa bars
  4. The Jowar bars

Each of these Millet bars is a super food in itself (As we already discussed it above). What makes EAT Anytime Millet bars a bar apart is that each of these bars are further enriched with added iron and calcium.

Ragi and Quinoa bars– are in itself good sources of iron and calcium but EAT Anytime has gone a step further and added Calcium to it.  The RDA of calcium is 800-1000 mg per day and with added calcium Ragi and Jowar bars from Eat Anytime provides up to 20% of you calcium RDA. The wholesome nutrition of Ragi (finger millet) and Jowar (sorghum) with the benefit of added calcium is a snack you cannot afford to miss.

The Bajra and Quinoa bars – packed with proteins and several nutrients are incredibly healthy. What makes it even more awesome is that these power packed bars are further enhanced by added Iron.  EAT Anytime Bajra and Quinoa bars with added Iron fulfil 20% of your iron requirement as per the RDA. With low hemoglobin levels and iron deficiency being such a frightening concern Eat Anytime Bajra bars and Quinoa bars emerge as a saviour.

Who should go for these Millet bars?

EAT Anytime Millet bars can be enjoyed by everyone.  They are not just super on nutrition but also lip-smackingly delicious. These millets bar are a must for:

  1. Growing children – Replacing their sugar filled candy or chocolate bars with some iron and calcium will do loads for their growth and development
  2. Pregnant and lactating women – Calcium and iron are critical to young mother and to-be mothers. EAT Anytime Millet bars Along with a balanced diet can help keep both the mother and child healthy.
  3. Women above the age of 40 – are at greater risk for iron deficiency anaemia and osteoporosis due to calcium deficiency. Osteoporosis weakens the bones making them susceptible to pain and fracture. EAT Anytime Jowar and Ragi bars with their added calcium advantage are a must snack for them.
  4. Athletes & sports enthusiasts – and also even people who regularly work out at the gym. Iron and calcium are needed for better functioning of muscles and nervous system. EAT Anytime Millet bars along with protein can make a perfect pre-workout snack.

Where to buy?

You can buy these super nutritious energy bars from official website of EAT Anytime.  They are also available on Amazon, Flipkart, Big basket and leading stores like Big Bazaar, Star Bazaar and FoodHall.

A healthy outside begins with a healthy inside. You decide how your body is going to be by choosing what to put into it. All products marketed are advertised to lure consumers.  Always read food labels.  Check its nutritional content and ingredient list before making your decision

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