Our Story

Back to the days, when I and my friend hustled all day long, so engrossed in our work, we were missing meals and surviving on the fast food more than often. Slowly the ill-effects of the junk food began to catch on. Fatigued, decreased concentration and extreme mood swings were few signs that everyone around us began to notice, including my wife.

Now having a wife who is a nutritionist has it perks. Firstly, you are constantly reminded of the need to eat healthy and secondly, they are resourceful when it comes to make eating healthy, easy. To keep me off the junk, she started making me these small healthy nutrition bars.

They were filling, tasty and so easy to carry around with me. I could feel a tremendous change in me, my performance began to improve and I felt healthier than before. I was truly inspired and wanted everyone to take advantage of these small, power packed energy bars and lead a healthy, happy life. So, with determination and aim to provide healthy snacks for all, EAT Anytime Energy bars began its journey.

Healthy on-the-go snacks were something that kept me intrigued. We were motivated to research and come up with healthier products without compromising on taste. Mindful bites (a part of EAT Anytime venture) emerged to provide variety to your healthy snacking range. The Mindful bites trail mixes- are a perfect blend of nuts and fruits to keep you energized, fresh and healthy. Mindful protein cookies are a true protein delight to make your snack times and tea-times a healthier treat.

EAT Anytime aims to make snacking experience healthy and nutritious indulgence. We are here to help you live healthy and at the same time make it a delicious affair.